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1      Installation

To install this tool, do following steps

  1. Open file ExcelSupport.xls
  2. Choose File/Save As “Microsoft Office Excel Add-in” and save this file as name “ExcelSupport.xla”
  3. Open Excel, choose Tool/Add-ins/Browse choose “ExcelSupport.xla”
  4. ExcelSupport Add-in tool automatic display in excel as a menu and toolbar

Figure 1: Display excel support add-in tool

Display excel support add-in tool

2      Menu overview

2.1   Sheet

2.1.1    Reduce File Size

Automatic reduce excel file, help user easy to upload or transfer excel file

2.1.2    Show sheet name

Display Current Sheet name at active cell

2.1.3    Show index sheet

Short key: Ctrl+Shift+X

Display list of sheet name as popup menu, help user easy to manage sheets in workbook

2.1.4    Sort Sheet

Short key: Ctrl+Shift+S

Automatic Sort Sheet name as descendant or ascendant

2.1.5    Group Sheet by color

Automatic groups all sheets in workbook which have same color.

2.1.6    Clear Sheet

Automatic clear current sheet or all sheets in workbook

2.1.7    Combine Sheet

Can combine content of all sheets in workbook and output to a new sheet

2.1.8    Add Sheet name number

Automatic add number to beginning of sheet name. For example: 01_SheetName, 02_SheetXXX. (Also delete this number)

2.1.9    Unhide Sheet

Automatic unhide all sheets in workbook

2.2   Cell

2.2.1    Auto Fit

Short key: Ctrl+Shift+U


Make cell size is automatic fit with cell content

2.2.2    Auto Fill Text

Auto Fill any text to selection cell without overlap current text

For example: Before fill

After fill

2.2.3    Border Cell

Short key: Ctrl+Shift+L

Draw border of range selection

2.2.4    Merge Cell

-     Short key: Ctrl+Shift+M

Auto merge selection cell without lost text

-     Short key: Ctrl+Shift+O

Combine texts in selection cell which need to merge

Etc: Cell 1: Nguyen, cell 2: PRDCV

Merge cell 1 & cell 2: Nguyen PRDCV

2.2.5    Comment

There are functions with comment

  1.       Change format of comment
  2.       Auto inserts comment in multi-selection cell
  3.       Resize comment to fit its content
  4.       Auto Show/Hide sheet comment
  5.       Copy all comment to a new sheet


2.3   Text

2.3.1    Bullet

-     Short key: Ctrl+Shift+B

Auto add any bullet to multi-line text in selection cells

For example

Line 1
Line 2
Line 3

Line 1
Line 2
Line 3

If user adds bullet “-“becomes

-Line 1
-Line 2
-Line 3

-Line 1
-Line 2
-Line 3

2.3.2    Numbering

Auto adds numbering or delete to multi-line text in selection cells similar to 2.3.1

User can choose various type of numbering

2.3.3    Paragraph

Auto paragraphs multi-line text in selection cells

2.3.4    Split text to column

-     Short key: Ctrl+Shift+P

Extract all lines in selection cells in to each line

For example: Before

Line 1
Line 2
Line 3

Line 1
Line 2
Line 4


Line 1

Line 2

Line 3

Line 1

Line 2

Line 4

2.3.5    Extract Word

-     Short key: Ctrl+Shift+W

Extract each word in a sentence.

2.3.6    Increase/decrease font size

Click the icon narrow in toolbar to increase/decrease font size. This command will increase and decrease font size with visual view.

2.4   Row/Column

2.4.1    Delete blank row

Automatic delete blank row in current sheet

2.4.2    Select row/column

Click the icon = or || in toolbar

Select row/column in data range

2.5   Find and Replace

2.5.1    Find and highlight text

Automatic find a text in selection range and change its format

Etc: Find “CodePlex” in we’re CodePlex à we’re CodePlex

2.6   Print advance

Advance print function in excel, support many type of print


3      Function overview

This tool included some more functions for excel user

Table 1: List of function







Para1: Cell

Add number to text line in cell



Para1: Cell


True: Delete number

False: Delete text

Para3 : Specified char to keep

Para4: Specified char to delete

Remove number or alphabet char in string



Para1: Cell

Para2: Number of word in name to be removed

Removed word in name at specified position



Para1: Cell

Change complete name to shortcut name

Etc: Nguyen Do Trong à NDTrong

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